Every job is different – goes the cliche. Therefore every job is priced according to its needs and elements. After we have discussed the job with you, we give you a firm quote for both price and delivery time.

However it is only natural that even now – as you read this – you would want some indication of what prices we charge in comparison to the competition. Whilst we are not engaged in a race to the bottom – and would strongly advise all potential clients to avoid copywriters who offer blatantly cut-price services like the plague – we offer reasonable rates and are not afraid to share with you how we make our calculations.

Our basic hourly rate is a very modest £50 per hour and our daily rate is £350.  In order to give the assurance that you are not signing a blank cheque, we pre-calculate how long the job will take, based on the information you supply us, multiply the numbers of hours by the time-estimate and give you a firm quote for the job. If it takes longer, we will do the extra work at our expense, without compromising on quality. The estimate for the job will include one round of changes based on your feedback, plus any corrections that need to be made due to any errors on our part.

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