How much do you charge?

Our standard rate is £50 per hour for jobs of less than a day or £350 per day. We offer discounts on these rates to regular customers and for larger jobs. On the other hand for more complex jobs we may charge more.

So am I signing a blank cheque?

Certainly not. When you approach us we ask you for details of the job to ascertain how much work is required. Then we crunch the numbers and – based on the information you have given us – we issue you with a firm quote, stating how much we charge, how long the job will take and how long the quote is valid for. (Quotes are usually valid for 30 days from the date of issue, but we will also state how long it is valid for in the quote itself.)

Do I have to pay the full amount in advance?

For smaller jobs we take payment in advance. For larger jobs, we take part payment in advance and further structured payments as we deliver the output in various stages, according to the agreed schedule. The payments amounts, instalments and delivery dates will all be clearly stated in the quote.

How do I know you’re any good?

We employ writers who have worked for Ruder Finn, Wolfe-Lombard, Sterling International and Ultramind. We employ writers who have been published by Hodder Headline and HarperCollins. We have writers who have written for NGOs and public organizations.

But still, how can I be sure?

For certain types of large job – like ghost writing for instance – we are ready to write a short sample to help you make up you mind. You also have the added protection of paying instalments progressively as the parts are delivered according to the agreed schedule. Furthermore, payment is processed by PayPal (see below) – even if you pay by credit or debit card – so you have the added protection of PayPal’s resolution procedure, if you are in any way dis-satisfied. Finally even for the small jobs, we factor one round of corrections into the price.

What forms of payment do you take?

All major credit cards and debit cards, as well as PayPal. After you have accepted the quote, we will send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay either with a PayPal account or by any major credit/debit card.

Do you do academic ghost-writing?

If you have made an honest and sincere effort to write your paper as best you can, we can thoroughly edit it, improve it and polish it into the finished article through our sister site Professional editing and proofreading services which offers a copy editing and proofreading service for academic writing. But obviously we cannot write it for you. We do other forms of ghost-writing: autobiographies, celebrity books, eBooks, self-published books, etc.

Who owns the copyright in the work?

You do. If we work for you for payment, under contract, the output we produce do for you is yours for life, free and clear.

Can you do jobs at short notice?

In many cases we can. But of course it depends on the size of the job. If it is a large job, there may be a premium charge. But we will tell you this up front in the quote. If the notice period is too short for a job of that size, we will tell you so. We would rather tell you upfront that it can’t be done than over-promise and let you down.

How do I go about working with you?

Start by giving us a phone call or sending us an email or filling out the contact form that appears on every page of this website.

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