Speech writing

Have to make a witty best man speech? Father of the bride speech? Sing the praises of an old colleague at a retirement dinner? Don’t worry, you can deliver it! And we can help you by doing the writing. Yes, we can write that speech for you – the speech everyone will remember and talk about for months or even years to come!

Okay, but what if your needs are more professional or business oriented? Same thing. We can tailor the speech to suit your needs. Announcing the release of a new product? A corporate takeover? Opening a new branch? Making a speech at a shareholders meeting? The Professional Copywriting Service help you tell it effectively and convincingly. You tell us the facts and we’ll do the writing.

School speech day? Want to make a good impression on parents and pupils alike? Or parents and teachers for that matter?  After dinner speech? Awards ceremony? Our speech writing specialists will supply you with the words. We can even help you prepare for a debate or political meeting.

Types of speech writing we do include:

  • Wedding speeches
  • After dinner speeches
  • Awards ceremony speeches
  • Shareholders meeting speeches
  • Product launch speeches
  • New venue opening speeches
  • School speeches
  • Political speeches
  • Speech delivery tutoring

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