Prospectus (academic)

A good prospectus for your academic institution should sell not only your school, but also your IDEA. For at the end of the day, schools, colleges, universities and polytechnics are centres of ideas.

A good prospectus combines elements of a brochure, a catalogue, a calender or timetable and an annual general report. It should be practical – describing what your institution teaches and giving information about your academic calender. But it should also project the pride that your institution takes in itself and its good work.

The team at the Professional Copywriting Service will write the copy, based on the information you supply. We will craft the text to project your academic institution, its vision, it’s educational and extra-curricular activities, its attainments and achievements. The prospectus will offer information about courses of study at your academic centre – and how to apply for them. But it will also show potential students what you have to offer them in a broader sense. We believe that quality deserves quality. And we will reflect the quality of your institution in the quality of the prospectus that we write for you.

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