Product packaging & instructions

When people see your packaged product in a shop, if it interests them, they pick it up and read what’s on the packaging. This is the second impression stage – the first being the general appearance of your product and packaging. They read the text because they want more information about your product: what it is, what it does, who it’s for, etc. But they also want to know whether it’s from a reliable company or some fly-by-night enterprise.

Now if the description has been done right, it will inspire their confidence and clinch the sale for you.

This is where you win them over – with that persuasive text Well-written copy makes that very good second impression that turns your interested potential customer into your actual customer. And the good news is that the team here at the Professional Copywriting Service are ready and waiting to turn the raw information you supply into finished copy to be printed on your product’s packaging.

For some types of product, there are also instructions, whether on the packaging or inside  the packaging. Either way, you will want those instructions to be clear, comprehensible and free of contradictions. There is an art to writing clear and concise instructions. And we have experts on our team who have mastered that art. We can write your product descriptions, user instructions, warranty and other textual material that goes with your product and shouts: “RELIABLE!” to your customer. It is an investment that pays for itself many times over.

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