Press releases

So your organization wants to put out a press release. Maybe you’ve invented some new technology that’s going to change the world. Maybe you want to respond to scurrilous accusations or to squelch damaging speculation. Maybe you’ve just appointed a new CEO and want to announce it. Or maybe your charity is doing relief work in some famine-afflicted region that’s just been hit by a natural disaster and you want to get the word out about how bad the situation is and how desperately donations and public generosity are needed.

Whatever it is, the Professional Copywriting Service can craft your message so that it gets across and has the desired impact. Our seasoned communications professionals – with experience in advertising from Ruder Finn and financial public relations with Wolfe-Lombard – are here at your service. Give us the information and we will shape it, hone it and polish it so that it has maximum impact when you put it out to the press.

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