Click ads

Click ads are ads you only pay for if people click on them. And you want people to click of them, because you want them to buy your product or services. But you want the right people to click on them – in other words the kind of people who will actually BUY your product or services. You don’t want people to click and then not buy, because then you’ll be paying for nothing. This means that the advertisements have to be crafted so they catch the eyes of genuine potential customers. They must also be concise – because you haven’t got much room to work with.

At the Professional Copywriting Service we employ people who have worked for advertising market giant Ruder Finn. As such we are eminently placed to generate the eye-catching, brief, hard-hitting text, that catches the fickle eyes of the web surfer-selectively pulling in those who are most likely to buy your product. We use a combination of solid advertising principles and modern neuro-linguistic programming. And we get results!

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