Ghost writing

Ghost writing used to be a well-kept secret. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you need it. So you have an idea for a  novel but no idea how to write it? Or maybe you’re a celebrity and you want to get your story out there, but you haven’t got the time to write it. Or you’ve lived an interesting life and want to write about it, but writing isn’t your forte.

Don’t worry. Writing may not be your stong point, but ghost writing is ours. We have a ghost writer on our team who has had three novels published by HarperCollins and four by Hodder Headline – as well as a non-fiction book that blew the lid off police incompetence in the Wimbledon Common murder case.

You just give us the information and we will ghost write it for you, in the style you want and telling it the way you want. We will work with you, coordinating the work that we ghost write with your wishes and requirements to make sure that we are shaping the work as you want it to be. And of course we will be completely discreet about the authorship. The types of ghost-writing we do include:

  • Fiction books (all genres)
  • eBooks
  • Autobiographies
  • Book proposals and queries
  • Letters of complaint
  • Script doctoring (screenplays)

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Remember, we are the first (anonymous) name in ghost-writing!