Financial copywriting

Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports and prospectuses for public offerings have to meet very high professional and regulatory standards. For regulatory standards, you go to a business lawyer, who will make sure that the report is compliant with the disclosure and accuracy laws of the appropriate jurisdiction.

But you also want the report to meet the highest professional standards in the broadest sense. For that you need a copywriter. And not just any copywriter – you need a copywriter who understands the special requirements of financial reporting.

This is where we come in. The Professional Copywriting Service employs writers who have worked for financial public relations firms like Wolfe-Lombard and Sterling International – specifically writing Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports and prospectuses. We will make sure the words reflect what the numbers indicate and guarantee that the report as a whole will pass the most comprehensive and thorough scrutiny by investors, directors, executives and senior management.

Furthermore, we will also make sure the material is in a fit, final state to pass on to the lawyers who in turn will review it to ensure its compliance with the stringent requirements of the regulators!

That is the high-quality service we offer our business customers, when you require good copy for your Annual and Quarterly Reports or prospectuses for public offerings. We apply the same high standard to your reports and prospectuses as to your Business Plans. For more information, fill out the form below.