Simply put: advertising means selling whatever it is you’re trying to sell – goods, services or even IDEAS! And good advertising calls for good copywriting from first class copywriters! So let us plan your campaign!

Outdoor advertising – public transport, hoardings, etc…

Public transport and outdoor hoardings are an excellent way to shout your message to the world. That’s why it’s the first choice advertising method for thousands of companies and businesses – large and small. Whether it’s those huge outdoor hoardings by the roadside or bus T-sides, whether it’s small panels inside trains or a 48 sheet poster across a railway platform, outdoor ad public transport advertising is a powerful way get your message across.  Whichever approach you take, the Professional Copywriting Service can guarantee you good copy, promoting your brand effectively. We employ people who have worked for advertising giant Ruder Finn, so we know our business.

The Professional Copywriting Service will come up with those short, attention-grabbing snippets of text that give your brand a high impact. People will notice when they see your message emblazoned across a 48 sheet opposite the platform or gliding by on the T-side of a double-decker bus! Or if you use 4-sheets or illuminated 6-sheets, that people pass in haste on their daily commute, we will make sure your message is so strong, even those fleeting seconds will be enough for it to register on their consciousness.

Newspaper advertising

Or if you want to reach out to people as they read their morning or evening newspapers, we can design advertisements every bit as captivating as the news with which they are competing.

Now here’s food for thought: according to legendary advertising guru David Ogilvy, 80% of people who read the headline don’t go on to read the body text. So an attention-grabbing headline is important. But Ogilvy also said that “the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement and the more it looks like an editorial, the more readers stop, look, and read.” So if you want to claim more than that 20% average who read the body text, make your advertisement look like an editorial.

People want the information. The more information they have, the more confident they feel about handing over their hard-earned money to buy your product or services. But don’t get carried away by fancy typefaces or “everything in italics” or white on black! People are more likely to read your advertisement if it has a picture, a headline below it (all in lower case except the first letter of the first word) and a couple of hundred words of text – just like a news article or editorial. This has been established by scientific, statistical, market research. And we will supply the right text!

Radio advertising

Or maybe you want to run a series of radio advertisements. After all, sometimes hearing is believing. The Professional Copywriting Service will write the script that sells your product. We will write the words GUARANTEED to make people want your services. We PROMISE that we’ll make every second of that quarter or half minute count. And we can write a whole string of radio advertisements, so that your product becomes part of an ongoing story, making people not only want to hear the next episode, but more importantly to BUY your product, so that they can become part of the story. (Remember how the term “soap opera” originated?)

Your one-stop shop for advertising copy

We also do brochures, newsletters, direct mail and sales email.

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