How to write an Amazon best-seller

How to write - kindle cover correctedHow to write an Amazon Kindle Book that SELLS*: *by someone who HAS… MANY TIMES!  is the most comprehensive treatise on how to write a bestseller for the Kindle platform.

Packed with useful information, this book covers everything from  finding story ideas, developing them into a full fleshed out plot  for stories, research (when to and when not to), writing action and narrative, writing crackling dialogue and flowing descriptive, bringing the characters to life, choosing the right point of view to make the story “work”, luring in the reader from the start, holding their attention, pacing the story and ending it right.

The book also covers the practical aspects of the professional work process, publishing the book on various platforms and promoting the book thereafter.

You will not find a more thorough complete and comprehensive book on the subject than this one or its paperback counterpart: How to write an Amazon book that SELLS: by someone who HAS… MANY TIMES !